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Focused Bookkeeping Services, a Family accounting business team. Heather Walden and son Korbin Walden. Korbin Walden is an avid skier and frisbee golfer and has lived in Bend most of his life. Heather Walden also enjoys skiing, hiking and mountain biking and loves living in the small town of Sisters, Oregon

About Focused Bookkeeping Services

At Focused Bookkeeping Services we are passionate about helping small businesses succeed in Bend Oregon, Sisters Oregon, Redmond Oregon or anywhere else in Oregon…

“We are passionate about helping local small businesses succeed, and supporting our community.”

Heather Walden, Owner

“Exciting” may not be the first word that comes to mind when considering your business’ accounting needs, but we aim to change that!  We view bookkeeping differently than most. Our team takes this opportunity to join forces, help you achieve your business goals and life long dreams! 

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Projects for Success

We listen to and get to know each client so that we can curate our bookkeeping services that meet their immediate needs and lay a foundation for their future. As an experienced bookkeeper, we know that situations can change quickly. When those changes occur, we’ll be here for you, whether you’re a business or an individual. We are excited to join you on the journey as you make strategic financial decisions for now and set long-term goals for future growth. Your growth is our growth, so we take your business personally, and we do it with personality.

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